2019 COBRA Training & Educational System
2019 COBRA Training & Educational System

2019 COBRA Training & Educational System

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The Complete COBRA Training System For Exceptional Compliance

Part 1 = COBRA Quick Start for 2019
Part 2 = Reducing Your Stress
Part 3 = ​Complete Upgraded Systems Approach

Safely and Confidently Administering COBRA in the Fast Changing World. The highly anticipated state-of-the-art COBRA compliance training program for 2019 from the #1 COBRA expert in the country, Matt Isbell. You'll receive access to 3 live broadcasts with the ability to ask questions and download the videos for future reference.

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​Are you tired of attending seminars or boring webinars where all they do is try to sell you COBRA administration services? If so, then this new program is for you. Through a series of three live webcasts, Matt will prepare you for the COBRA challenges ahead in 2019 with a uniquely positive approach to your COBRA education. You can, and will, excel in your group health insurance continuation coverage responsibilities. Whether you self administer, or use the services of an outside COBRA vendor, this program will boost your confidence and provide you with the knowledge, updated administration tools and followup support to do your job effectively.

What you'll receive:

  • THREE Live Webcasts for 1 low price!
  • FIVE Hours of COBRA TAMRA Training!
  • 22 Updated 2019 COBRA Notices!
  • FREE Followup Support!
  • Refurbished 2019 SOP’s as required!
  • Exclusive access to view On-Demand anytime!

Video Training #1:
The COBRA Quick Start on 2019 Enhancements and System Patches Reinforcing COBRA basics with an easy to understand approach

  • COBRA for dummies - there is no such thing as COBRA coverage
  • Exceeding expectations and passing IRS COBRA audits with ease
  • Understanding the various COBRA timelines (18, 24, 29, & 36)
  • The two-step approach to coverage during the 60 day election period
  • 90% of employers are in violation of COBRA because of this one misstep
  • Grasping all of the rights of a “qualified beneficiary” especially in second events

Video Training #2:
Reducing Your Stress Level While Administering Complex COBRA Situations!
• Everything you need to know about COBRA and MEDICARE!
• Minimizing the DANGER of COBRA outsourcing
• Making sense of the premium payment process including grace periods, NSF checks
and not significantly premium calculations
• Administering the Social Security Disability 11 month COBRA extension!
• Integrating severance agreements with COBRA timelines
Confidently administer “in anticipation of” divorce situations
• Correct processing of the 32 month Special Medicare Entitlement Rule

Video Training #3
The Complete Upgraded Systems Approach to COBRA Notifications
• COBRA notices are not letters - they are CONTRACT Offers!
• Reviewing your notice for all 13 required elements!
• Verification of last known mailing addresses including WHITEPAGES!
• Contrary to the scare mongers you can HAND DELIVER a COBRA notice!
• The pros and cons of hand delivery versus e-mail versus mailing notices!
• Complying with the “Double I Notification” Requirement
• What to do with COBRA notices returned by the USPS!
• Exhaustive examination of all FIVE required COBRA notices!